Our Values


Seeing possibility


Each project has the potential to be co-creative and transformative in both the process and the outcomes. How can we connect to that potential, to move beyond the conceptualization phase? How can we help create a project that resonates with you?
Drawing upon our experience and resources we aim to work with what could be possible.


Local resourcing


A sustainable community is best served by acting and trading locally. The cornerstone at ARC Design is to increase growth in the community by using local resources in our design projects. ARC is an acronym for Art, Resource and Craft. We have developed relationships with local artisans in a networked guild that encourages collaboration in the design and building process. The arts and crafts connect us to our cultural and regional diversity.


Sustainable solutions


We work to uncover and evolve the natural attributes of people and their environs to develop an expression of place to increase the vitality of any project. Our emphasis is utilize local networks, sources and resources whenever possible. We advocate efficient energy and technology solutions along with the use of reclaimed and recycled materials in building construction and furnishings. Some passive energy efficient techniques have been understood and practiced throughout the world for centuries. The nexus of sustainable solutions is bridging the past to the future.